• Parkinson’s Disease and Incontinence
    Parkinson’s Disease is an incredibly complex disorder with an array of degenerative symptoms that can manifest a little differently in every person with the disease. This leads to questions and ...
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  • Axonics vs InterStim
    Millions of Americans and people worldwide suffer from urinary and bowel incontinence. These medical problems can have a negative social, emotional, and psychological effect on an individual’s life. The patient ...
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  • Axonics Side Effects – What to Expect from Axonics Treatment
    Bowel and urinary incontinence affect around 8% of Americans during their lifetime. Although most respond to conservative treatment, some do not. This has necessitated the invention of other treatment modalities ...
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  • VUMC Joins InterStim Micro ELITE Study
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center Joins Medtronic InterStim Micro ELITE Study Vanderbilt University Medical Center is joining Medtronic’s ELITE clinical study of patients receiving the InterStim Micro sacral neuromodulation device. “Very, very ...
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  • Urinary Incontinence in Men
    Did you know that up to 11% of the male population suffers from urinary incontinence? This is a lower percentage than for women, but, this does not diminish the fact ...
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  • What is Nocturia?
    Nocturia refers to nighttime urination – people who have nocturia wake up frequently to use the bathroom. Though all incontinence is characterized by its disruption of daily life, nocturia is ...
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  • Supplements for Incontinence
    You take a multivitamin and maybe calcium or Vitamin D for your bones – but do you take anything for incontinence? Is that even possible? If you are trying to live ...
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  • Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women
    Pelvic pain affects one in four women.  Many women live in silence, not knowing it can be helped. And many women who do seek help may have unnecessary surgeries, such ...
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  • Incontinence Issues? There’s an App for That!
    If you have a cellphone or a tablet, chances are you’ve downloaded a few apps. And why not? There are well over two million apps available for download for both ...
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  • Are Reusable Incontinence Pads Right for You?
    The Cost of Incontinence For sufferers of urinary incontinence, making sure you are always prepared and protected can be a costly job. The average individual with moderate urinary incontinence will ...
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At the Incontinence Institute, our team of healthcare providers understand the physical and mental trials that accompany living with urinary or bowel incontinence. Because of this, we are sensitive to your situation and treat all of our patients with the utmost respect and concern for discretion.

Individual incontinence conditions, treatment and recovery times may vary. Each patient's experience with incontinence procedures and / or surgery will differ. All surgical procedures involve some level of risk. If directed to pursue surgery by your physician, prompt action is advised, as waiting may reduce the efficacy of surgical treatment. The opinions expressed in patient testimonials are by patients only; they are not qualified medical professionals. These opinions should not be relied upon as, or in place of, the medical advice of a licensed doctor, etc.

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