Voiding Diary

A bladder diary, also known as a voiding diary, is an easy, at-home way to document bladder symptoms. It is an excellent resource for your physician to review to help classify your symptoms and determine the source of your incontinence.

Recording a voiding diary involves tracking your liquids and symptoms for three days. You will need to write down:

  • The times you drank any liquid, what type of liquid it was and how much you drank (e.g. 8 oz. water, 4 oz. coffee). Tip: use a water bottle with ounce markers on it.
  • When you urinated and how much you urinated.
  • When you experienced any sudden urges or leaks of urine.

This journal helps your physician determine your voiding habits including frequency of urination, fluid balance, and bladder capacity. It is a non-invasive way to gather your symptoms and assess the severity of your condition.

It does require diligence on your part, but only for three days. You can even do this before seeing a physician to ensure you have a handle on all your symptoms.

A voiding diary is an excellent first step in documenting your behavior, urges, and any possible leaks. If you are having any bladder urgency symptoms or other bladder incontinence, try a voiding diary.

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