Dealing with Bowel Leakage

Incontinence sufferers know that bowel leaking can be an embarrassing problem, but it’s one that affects millions of people. Some causes for bowel incontinence include obstetric injuries in women, anal surgeries, autoimmune diseases, aging, and neurologic diseases. Stress can worsen gastrointestinal problems and contribute to bowel incontinence. A bowel impaction can also cause leaks.

Bowel leaks can be dealt with by taking a fiber supplement to help bulk up stool or eating a more fiber-rich diet. Preparing for accidental bowel leakage can also be done by wearing incontinence undergarments.

Dealing with bowel accidents can be humiliating and isolating. But there is help. The Incontinence Institute offers a variety of treatment options for incontinence, both surgical and non-surgical. Contact us or call our discreet, professional Medical Concierge at 800-771-1953 if you have questions or to set up an appointment.