Botox® for Incontinence

Botox® injections are now available to treat urinary incontinence. Botox injections treat symptoms of urge incontinence, also known as overactive bladder. These symptoms include a strong need to urinate with leaking accidents, frequent urination and an urge right away.

Botox injections for urinary incontinence are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved. They have been proven to reduce leakage episodes, increase bladder capacity and decrease pressure on the bladder as high bladder pressure can increase the urge to go. It is injected into bladder muscles in a series of treatments.

If you suffer from incontinence, contact us or call our discreet, dedicated Medical Concierge at 800-771-1953. Our expert physicians can determine if you are a candidate for Botox injections or what treatment options are right for you.