Black Friday Shopping and Incontinence: Top Ways to Shop with Confidence

Black Friday is almost here, and for bargain shoppers, that means long lines and a long day of going from store to store to get the best deals. If you suffer from incontinence, it can also means leaks. Here are some protection options to consider to help keep you dry and confident during your Black Friday adventures:

  • Pads or liners: Choose from products that secure to undergarments with an adhesive strip as well as those that use a belt to keep them in place. Pads and liners (or leak guards) are ideal for light leaking.
  • Disposable pull-ups: These products offer a range of features as well as different degrees of absorbency. Good choice for moderate leakage.
  • Washable underwear: As the name says, a washable, reusable type of protective underwear. Not as convenient as disposables, but usually less costly over time.
  • Disposable briefs: Also called adult diapers, these products provide maximum protection for heavy leakage, especially at night.

Aside from design and fit, here are some other characteristics to take into account:

  • Gender: Briefs and pads are made for both men and women to provide protection where you most need it.
  • Absorbency: From light occasional leaks to more significant or more frequent leaks, today’s pads and undergarments are designed for a wide range of absorbency needs. Many people with light leakage problems use pads during the day and adult briefs when they sleep to provide complete protection.
  • Size: Choosing a product that doesn’t fit properly means you miss out on important protection. Although it may seem like a larger product would provide more protection, poor fit can leave gaps where urine can leak out. Instead, choose a product with greater absorbency.
  • Cost: Prices can vary considerably among brands; be aware that often, lower cost means less protection and absorbency. Shop online as well as in stores to find the best deals.
  • Extra features: Side leakage protection, odor control, Velcro® fasteners and special materials that wick moisture away from your skin can increase your comfort factor.

November is National Bladder Health Awareness Month, which makes it the ideal time to treat your incontinence issues. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and happy shopping!