Benefits of Outpatient Treatment at an Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Incontinence Institute is an outpatient treatment center, or ambulatory surgery center (ASC). You may be wondering what that means, or why it is beneficial.

As an ASC, the Incontinence Institute is highly regulated to ensure quality care and patient safety. Our facility is regulated by processes that include state licensure, voluntary accreditation and Medicare certification. Studies show that this attention to quality enables ASCs to outperform hospitals when it comes to clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

There are over 5,000 ASCs across the country, and with each one comes more patient choice. As the industry grows, so does the list of both outpatient surgeries and non-surgical procedures and treatments available in a local, personalized setting. Another advantage of ambulatory surgery is scheduling, and resources are more efficient, which means fewer surgery delays for patients.

We offer non-surgical procedures and minimally invasive surgical procedures where patients can go home the same day. Outpatient surgery for incontinence has a quick recovery time overall and a fast return to normal life and activities. ASCs can also be more cost-efficient with patients paying less out-of-pocket for the same surgical procedure that they would have at a local hospital. Being smaller in size and scope than a hospital, the Incontinence Institute can focus solely on our patients and their comfort another benefit of using same-day surgery centers. You can request pricing information about your procedure from our Medical Concierge at 800-771-1953 before scheduling surgery. And if incontinence is affecting you or if you want to learn more, contact us.